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Lady Christiana and I have included some links to other websites that we believe may be of interest to beginning pewterers. If you find any additional sites that you believe would be of interest to other hobbiests, please drop us a line at:

guillaume AT pewtering DOT com

Use the address above to e-mail us by removing the spaces and replacing the AT with the @ sign and the DOT with a period. We post our addresses this way to avoid having them havested by webbots. Have fun and don't forget to drop us a line if you have questions.

Yours in Service,

The Honorable Guillaume de St. Michel
The Honorable Lady Christiana de Mandeville

Sites with Information on Pewter Casting

      Stephan's Florilegium - Pewter Casting Article - - This page contains excerpts from various postings related to pewter casting in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The pewtering section can also be reached via the main Florilegium page at www.florilegium.org. Once the page loads, click on "Crafts" in the index on the left hand side and then scroll down to and click on "pewter" on the main page. Stephan's Florilegium also contains a bevy of additional "how to" articles from Basket Making to Woodworking and everything inbetween..

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